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9 February 2018
Washington D.C.

Jorrit Steehouder at Transatlantic Policy Symposium at Georgetown University

At Georgetown University, Jorrit Steehouder will take part in the 22nd Transatlantic Policy Symposium (TAPS). The Transatlantic Policy Symposium (TAPS) is an annual conference fully organized and run by graduate students of the Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown. The theme of the symposium in 2018 is ‘Twilight of the West: Does the Waning of America’s Global Leadership Spell the Weakening of the Transatlantic Partnership’.

Seventy years after the start of Marshall Aid in Europe, Jorrit will present a paper that places the current relations between Europe and the U.S. in historical perspective. Evaluating the importance of informal connections between Europe and the U.S., Jorrit shows which we can draw from the past and what this means for the future US-EU relations.