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Blueprints of Hope

Project Team

Prof. Beatrice de Graaf

Beatrice de Graaf is the principal investigator of the Blueprints-project and (co-) promotor of the PhD-candidates. Beatrice is full professor in History of International Relations and Global Governance at Utrecht University. She…

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Prof. Peter-Ben Smit

Peter-Ben Smit is one of the applicants of the Blueprints-project and (co-) promotor of the PhD-candidates. Peter-Ben holds a chair in the Ancient Catholic Church Structures and the history and…

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Prof. Mathieu Segers

Mathieu Segers is one of the applicants of the Blueprints-project and co-promotor of the PhD candidates. Mathieu is Professor of Contemporary European History and European Integration at Maastricht University and…

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Trineke Palm Msc

Trineke Palm is working as a post-doctoral researcher and co-promotor at the Blueprints-project. Prior to herappointment in Utrecht, Trineke did her PhD-research, funded by a Research Talent Grant from NWO,…

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Clemens van den Berg MSc

Clemens van den Berg studied Theology/Religious Studies (BA) and History and Philosophy of Science (research master) at Utrecht University. In his master thesis he traced the influence of a European…

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Jorrit Steehouder MA

Jorrit Steehouder studied History (BA) and the History of International Relations (MA) at Utrecht University. In his MA-thesis ´Theaters van gerechtigheid. Kangaroo trials bij de Rote Armee Fraktion en de…

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Susanne Keesman MA

Susanne Keesman is project manager at Utrecht University and manages the finances of the Blueprints of Hope project, as well as the interdisciplinary alignment between the departments involved in this…

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