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Mathieu Segers gave inaugural lecture

On Friday 7 December 2018, prof. dr. Mathieu Segers gave his inaugural lecture at Maastricht University, titled “European Integration and its Vicissitudes.” In an interview with NRC, Mathieu elaborates on…

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Trineke Palm blogs on Brexit

Trineke has posted a blog on the role of emotions during the campaign and negotiations on Brexit at Wetenschap.nu. It points at the risky strategy of humiliation.

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New blogpost Jorrit Steehouder

Jorrit has been blogging for Faces of Science, a platform of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, for the past year. His most recent blog was written while…

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Vacancy: 2 Research Internship positions

Research Internship (2 positions)  Blueprints of Hope. Designing Post-war Europe: ideas & emotions, negotiations & networks (1930-1957) The early years of European integration were characterized by an initial rather “open”…

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Beatrice de Graaf receives Stevin Prize

Beatrice de Graaf received the prestigious Stevin Prize for her outstanding ability to translate academic knowledge to policy advice and the wider public. For a background interview, in Dutch: https://dub.uu.nl/nl/achtergrond/beatrice-de-graaf-hoogleraar-met-een-maatschappelijke-roeping

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Dorien Lanting joins project team

As of March 2018, Dorien Lanting joined the Blueprints of Hope project, adding a reflection on the Catholic blueprints of Europe. Previously, Dorien Lanting studied History and Middle Eastern studies…

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