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Blueprints of Hope


Vacancy: 2 Research Internship positions

Research Internship (2 positions) 

Blueprints of Hope.

Designing Post-war Europe: ideas & emotions, negotiations & networks (1930-1957)

The early years of European integration were characterized by an initial rather “open” competition among alternative blueprints of a future European order. Analyzing different blueprints for Europe that were present in the period leading up to the institutional start-up of the EU, the Blueprints-project aims to show why some blueprints came to dominate the development of the European Union, while other blueprints were rejected. So, why did some “ideas of Europe” win and did others lose?

To answer this question, the ‘Blueprints of Europe’-research team approaches this issue from 2 innovative angles:

  • the interaction among the political, religious and economic elites in transnational networks – both intra-European and transatlantic.
  • the role of emotions in mobilizing/constraining support for particular blueprints of Europe.

As such, this research project provides a timely analysis of the diversity of ideas of “what is Europe” in the early years of European integration at a time when the foundations of the European integration project are increasingly questioned. To read more about the different projects and the team members, see: https://blueprints.sites.uu.nl.

Part of the deliverables in the project are the creation of a so-called ‘catalogue of blueprints’, in which we strive to give a broad overview – and show the interconnectedness – of various individuals that worked in- and outside of governments and that presented new ideas for Europe. The catalogue will encompass these various blueprints from a wide variety of actors and strives to display them in an orderly fashion for a wider public.

The research intern will be expected to:

  • Support the researchers in collecting data for the catalogue of blueprints.
  • Contribute to the organization of the international Blueprints-workshop in Utrecht (8-9 April 2019).
  • Participate in the activities and meetings of the Blueprints-team (once every two weeks)
  • Write a popular academic text/research paper within the scope of the Blueprints-project, focusing on either:
  • The role of a key actor in the articulation or political translation of blueprints and its transnational relations with other players in the field;
  • The role and interaction of political, economic, religious networks in shaping the start-up of European integration (circle of friends, group of civil servants, diplomats, entrepreneurs etc);
  • The development of and contestation over central emotional beliefs concerning blueprints of Europe, both over time and at critical junctures (genealogy of ‘hope’, ‘solidarity’, ‘responsible society’ etc)

We are looking for research interns who:

  • Have a background in European integration history (Ba-3/Master).
  • Have a strong interest in the study of European integration history and/or the role of emotions in International Relations.
  • Have excellent command of English, both written and orally. A passive knowledge of French, German (as well as other European languages), necessary for working with the archival sources is a strong asset
  • Work both independently and as a team player.
  • Are available from February until June 2019 for a 15 EC internship.
  • (asset) have experience with network analysis and/or visualization.
  • (asset) have experience with building websites and/or databases.


We offer:

  • 15 EC internship during semester 2, 2019

How to apply

  • Please send combined in 1 PDF:
    • A letter of motivation
    • Your cv
    • 1-page research idea for academic text/research paper within the scope of the Blueprints-project
  • Applications should be submitted to: dr. T.P. Palm (t.p.palm@uu.nl)

Deadline: 23 November 2018

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview shortly after 23 November 2018.

Vacancy text in pdf