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Blueprints of Hope


Martijn Kool & Lennard Pater finalize research internship

From February onwards Martijn Kool and Lennard Pater have participated in the Blueprints-project. They are about to conclude their research projects. Lennard Pater has examined the way in which Adenauer understood “Avondland” in relation to  European integration. Based on Adenauer’s memoirs, letters and speeches, Lennard shows that Adenauers understanding of Avondland contrasts with Spengler’s ideas. To Adenauer Avondland served as a mobilizing force for European integration – providing an “affective glue” between nations and its politicians.

Martijn Kool analyzed the emergence of an emotional community in the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe. In particular, he studied the  General Debate on the Political Structure of Europe (August 1949) in terms of the emotional strategic narratives that were invoked.